Speel Mee was created in 1973 and first held in that very summer so the children who couldn't go on a vacation trip still had a fun last week. From the beginning, young mother Betty Goedhart enthusiastically accepted the role of treasurer. After 40 years of loyal service she unfortunately had to leave us, but left us the same enthusiasm she's had all those years, and we give it our all to organize a fun week time after time.

Activities used to be held in the Kwakel and in Uithoorn in the last 2 weeks of the summer vacation. Later on it became 1 week, due to the sheer amount of difficulty for the organizers and finding enough volunteers. The location also changed after a certain amount of years, no longer would it be held in both the Kwakel and Uithoorn, only Uithoorn would stay to this day. Speel Mee has been held in many different places in Uithoorn, like schools and later on the Scheg. Building wooden huts was held at a separate location, on a grassy field at the Steenkampweg on the area where now the central Uithoorn bus station is located.

Speel Mee was a workgroup at first, but became a foundation in 2007. In the beginning, all activities were placed in a booklet and handed out to the children via their schools, with a registration form attached.

Which activities did we used to have back in the day? Among others folkdancing, old outside games like playing with marbles, jumping ropes, spinning tops and hopscotch, rowing on the Zijdelmeer and picknicking afterwards. Even scavenger hunts through the streets were part of the activities. Much has changed, time hasn't stood still and Speel Mee has changed with it. Now, registration is easily done through the internet and payments done just as easily.

One thing luckily hasn't changed, and that is the enthusiasm from the kids, the volunteers and the organizers!